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Creativity, Disruption & Investing

Client Centered

Our firm takes pride in offering and sharing cross-cultural financial and legal expertise. The Investment Department helps clients with asset management by rational investments and strives for optimized portfolios with efficient returns.


Investment Sectors

  • Fashion
  • Consumer
  • Fintech
  • Software and Devices
  • Enterprise
  • Media
  • Retirement Planning

Sectors of Innovative Technology Investment

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Data Center Technology (Cloud)
  • Information Technology

Our mission statement: From zero to growth

  • From day one, we help early-stage businesses grow into successful, confident companies
  • We invest in new products and markets that represent the future of commerce
  • We work with ambitious founders who explore new opportunities, going from ideas to IPOs and beyond
  • We focus mainly on seed funds and early stage investments
  • Our fund size is $50 million plus
  • We provide private funds for foreigners as well as innovation funds

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