Client Centered

We are a law office that offers legal related products including trust and estate planning. Headquartered in Manhattan, where the Chinese are concentrated, and working out of our other offices in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida, we have proudly served more than 4000 high net worth clients for more than 30 years. With Chinese-speaking lawyers, we have an extensive experience working in Chinese communities and high reputation in the United States.

Our office takes pride in offering and sharing legal expertise. Under the leadership of the famous Chinese lawyer Dr. Michael Hsu, we had opened a precedent for Chinese trusts. His well-known saying " I can't make you live for a hundred years, but I can help you pay no taxes after your death" is widely circulated in the Chinese community. With the new leadership of the attorney Chris C Chin, JD, PhD, we have expanded the practices.

We provide professional legal insights to empower our clients and help individual investors, your families, and your companies make the best decisions under the dynamic evolving economic, legal and tax environment. We provide our clients with one-to-one service and customized feedback, and serve our customers with friendly, dedicated, and personal service in the Chinese community.

Our firm offers a multitude of services and tailored advice to assist you in your business endeavors.


We maintain the highest ethical standard when collaborating with clients.


Our goal is to provide clients with seamless business transactions. We take responsibility where it is due.


Passion and commitment are integral aspects of our firm's personality. We are always striving for for revolutionary ways to serve you, your business, and your assets.


We work in partnership with our clients. We are highly collaborative because we know that the power of many is greater than the power of one.