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Our firm takes pride in offering and sharing cross-cultural financial and legal expertise. Under the leadership of the famous Chinese lawyer Dr. Michael Hsu, the Law Department had opened a precedent for Chinese trusts. His well-known saying " I can't make you live for a hundred years, but I can help you pay no taxes after your death" is widely circulated in the Chinese community. With the new leadership of the attorney Chris C Chin, JD, PhD, the Law Department has expanded the practices.

公司以傳授、共享跨文化金融法律專業知識為榮。法律部曾在著名華人律師徐立平律師的領導下,開辟了華人信托先河,他的名言 “我不可以讓妳長命百歲,但可以讓妳死後無稅” 在華人社區廣為流傳。如今,在陳逵舟律師的領導下,法律部擴展了業務,蒸蒸日上。


  • 信託,遺產規劃,官司保障
  • 精通台山話,粵語,英語,國語
  • 提供免費中英文資料及CD


  • Asset Over 3 Million for married, 2 Million for single


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Special Attention: 

In  order to avoid probate at the time of your death, creating a Living Trust alone is NOT sufficient. You must transfer your real properties and accounts into your Living Trust during your lifetime  in order to avoid probate at death!!!


Once you have executed your Living Trust, take the “CERTIFICATION OF TRUST” document we have prepared for you to EVERY BANK, STOCK BROKERAGE and MUTUAL FUND company you have an account with to change the account into the name of the Living Trust.

當您在信託上簽名並經公証後﹐請務必盡快CERTIFICATION  OF  TRUST 前往您現在保有帳戶的每一家銀行﹐証券商或共同基金公司﹐辦理過戶手續。

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