M&A and Real Estate

Who We Are

Portico Group is a global professional services firm that offers clients expert advice so they can thrive financially. We help our clients make the most of opportunities in developed and emerging markets.

We have expertise with broad resources, global networks, and intellectual capital.

We combine our expertise in strategic and corporate restructuring to assist you in planning, and executing robust M & A agreements, building alliances, integrating business units into your organization, and making smart divestment choices.


Portico Group 是一家全球性的专业服务事务所,为客户建立沟通桥梁并提供专业的建议,使客户们达到财务增长。我们在发达市场和新兴市场中帮助客户充分利用机会。



What We Do

We help our clients manage the challenges of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. These include: identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and facilitating capital flow.

We provide advisory services for public and private deals, private equity transactions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, leveraged buyouts, and other types of transactions.

We deliver integrated strategies and solutions to help clients manage business risks. Our goal is to ensure a successful merger or acquisition.





Our Key Services

  • Targeted screening
  • Pro-active acquisition searches
  • Business valuations
  • Deal structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Synergy analysis and support
  • Identifying potential value levers
  • Bid and negotiation support
  • Capital and financial agreements
  • Sale purchase agreements
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Transaction services agreements
  • Integration program mobilization















Criteria for Our Services

  • Timing
  • Motivation
  • Marketing
  • Confidentiality
  • Competitive bidding process







Special Attention: 

In  order to avoid probate at the time of your death, creating a Living Trust alone is NOT sufficient. You must transfer your real properties and accounts into your Living Trust during your lifetime  in order to avoid probate at death!!!


Once you have executed your Living Trust, take the “CERTIFICATION OF TRUST” document we have prepared for you to EVERY BANK, STOCK BROKERAGE and MUTUAL FUND company you have an account with to change the account into the name of the Living Trust.

當您在信託上簽名並經公証後﹐請務必盡快CERTIFICATION  OF  TRUST 前往您現在保有帳戶的每一家銀行﹐証券商或共同基金公司﹐辦理過戶手續。


Contact Information

Main office: 
139 Centre Street, Suite 806
New York, NY 10013

Appointment Only:
136-20 38th Ave, Flushing, NY
51 JFK, Short Hills, NJ

Tel:  212-952-1880
Fax: 212-226-3036

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